Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Reading For K5 and Preschool

We've been raiding the local library's fall book selection. Once again, the girls have an abundance of stories about crisp weather, scarves and boots, falling leaves, red and orange. Once again, it is 98 degrees outside in Arizona. Someone needs to write a children's book about fall in the desert. Maybe I will.

Here are a few of our picks this week.

The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall - A simple story about watching a tree through the seasons, and growing apples for a pie. I enjoyed the simple paper collage artwork, and there is an apple pie recipe at the back of the book, plus a simple explanation of an apple blossom becoming an apple with the help of a bee.

Why Do Leaves Change Color? by Betsy Maestro - Another Kindergarten-appropriate lesson on the changes that come with fall, for my nature loving girl.

How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin? by Margaret McNamara - The smallest boy in the class learns that the smallest pumpkin can have the most seeds - you can't tell by the size of the pumpkin. This book introduces a little pumpkin science and a little math (counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's).

Gus Is A Tree by Claire Babin - Gus falls asleep under a tree in the schoolyard and dreams he is a tree. An introduction to trees, and cute illustrations (the tree trunk matches Gus's sweater).

All this autumn imagery makes me want to go on long fall nature walks to look at orange and red fall color, step on crunchy brown leaves, then go home and drink hot apple cider with oranges and clove. And maybe have a pumpkin banana muffin to go with it. A fellow blogger shared a great-looking recipe here: pumpkin banana muffins. Yum!


  1. Those books sound great. "Gus" sounds the most creative, and I'm curious to look for "Apple Pie Tree" at my own library.
    You should write some seasonal Arizona stories. I used to live in southeast AZ; family still does. The desert seasons are just so different.

  2. Thanks for these rec's. I'm having a hard time finding books that don't promote evolution...


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