Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Little Hearts Unit 7 and Thanksgiving Feast

This week in our Kindergarten  lessons, we read about Ruth and Naomi, Gideon, Samson, and Samuel. One of our Bible stories was about Gideon destroying idols. We destroyed some of our own -- in our case we played a carnival-type game of knockdown using Dad's rolled up socks as our beanbag and our Inchimals as our targets. This helped both the girls remember the Bible story, and at the same time let them burn off some energy and work on their coordination. Maybe we'll win a big prize at the next county fair.

In math we learned about measuring, using non-standard units of measure to begin with. We measured our dining room table with jumbo craft sticks (15 sticks long, in case anyone is wondering), our chalkboard with straws, and our paper with paper clips. We also measured some sea creatures using a seashell.

Measuring has been the most challenging part of math so far for Buttercup, because the fine motor skills required to hold the measuring stick still, mark its place with a pencil or finger, and carefully move the stick again without overlapping or sliding too far. It will take some practice but the concept of measuring is sinking in.

While we were working on math, my Sunshine brought me a bowl of Play-Doh "noodles". I had asked her to play quietly while her sister did seatwork (which she did, thankfully), and she thought I might need refreshment.

In a combined science/art project, we learned about different types of grasses and the grains that come from them, talked about animals that eat them, and what types we eat. Then the girls painted green grass, golden brown grass ready to harvest (with oatmeal glued to the end) and something made from oats (Cheerios).

Friday was also our Thanksgiving Feast with our homeschool group. The girls dressed up as Native Americans to celebrate.

They also had a cute little Thanksgiving project at the party. It was simple, too. It was a blue plastic plate to represent the ocean. Foam cutouts became England and Plymouth Rock, and a seed pod became the Mayflower, thanks to a piece of play dough holding a toothpick mast and paper sail in place. We filled the plate with water and blew the Mayflower across the Ocean. To the New World!

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