Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dinosaur Study - Part 1: Lapbooks

We spent over a month slowly working through a dinosaur study. We incorporated lapbooking, a field trip, and arts and crafts into our trip into prehistory. Today I'm posting the resources used for our lapbooks.

The core of our study was a lapbook from In The Hands of a Child - you can see the resource here.  The study included vocabulary, types of dinosaurs, fossils and skeletons, dinosaur sizes, diets, defense, reproduction, extinction theories, and paleontology.

I also added in a few mini-books from a free dinosaur lapbook template I found on Homeschool Share.  You can see the resource here. This one is a creation-based unit study, while the lapbook from Hands of a Child is neutral in terms of creation vs. evolution.  Homeschool Share had some cute, cartoonish mini-books that we used as supplements to our lapbook. They also have free printable dinosaur report forms and coloring pages on their site. We didn't read any of the books suggested in their unit study, but checked out some library books instead.

A lot of people have love/hate relationships with lapbooks. They can involve a lot of writing, cutting and pasting. I help out in this area. I only care that the kids are learning something, and that they are putting forth effort. If they are having trouble writing all the words, I let them dictate their answers to me. I also help with the more complicated cutting. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I would spend some "me time" cutting out mini-books after the kids went to bed (usually while watching Downton Abbey and having dessert). I find paper-cutting to be rather Zen, so it works out well for all of us.

Here are some samples of the lapbook project:

Both lapbook resources are shown here - the multi-colored, cartoonish books are from Homeschool Share. The solid-colored papers were from Hands of a Child.

My kids had fun completing these lapbooks (with my help) and if you are up for some cutting and pasting, I would recommend  them!

Next post: Our trip to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

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  1. Sounds like a great lapbook! Have fun at the museum. I wish we had a few closer to us.


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