Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dinosaur Study Part 4: Dinosaur Dioramas

The final project of our dinosaur study was to make a diorama. I loved dioramas when I was in school, so I was excited for my kids to make one for the first time. I tried to encourage them to make realistic dioramas like the ones we saw at the Natural History Museum.

Our Inspiration
Without this reminder, the scenes would likely include mermaids, fairies, and unicorns. I already had to ask them to keep glitter to a minimum. Don't get me wrong, I love glitter. I just wanted this to look a little more scientific and a little less over the rainbow.

I asked the girls to describe their scenes for me.

Buttercup's scene below features "the sun setting in the background, the silver moon is already out."  "There are palm trees in the distance and trees with berries...The apatosaurus in the back is about to eat a berry off of a tree. The stegosaurus is walking away.  The ankylosaurus is trying to eat plants on the ground - he is an herbivore. The pterodactyl is trying to eat a berry on the tree."

"The velociraptors on the right are either hugging or attacking each other. Both want to get the pelycosaur's eggs."

Stay away from my eggs.

Sunshine's diorama:

Sunshine made "a volcano dripping lava". "There is a triceratops protecting his babies and eating berries in the bushes. The babies are in hard-shelled eggs because they are not born yet." The dinosaur with plates is a stegosaurus. It can protect itself from animals that want to hurt it. It is hiding. The flying one likes to eat grass and likes to fly up in the clouds."

"This brown dinosaur is trying to protect its eggs, but this T-Rex is coming to eat the eggs. T-Rex eats meat."

Our next science unit will be a garden study. Stay tuned - our garden failed last summer, but we're hoping to plant now and have some growth before it gets too hot in a couple of months.

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